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Below you will find selected examples from several countries in Europe. More will come as we build the Virtual Guide.

You can either search by country or by 8 different selected areas (Good Practices) or by both. The examples are meant to be of help in your own practice and when implementing entrepreneurship education in your school. You can probably not use them exactly as they are in the examples, but they may be a good start and a source of inspiration.

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Alakylän koulu; celebrating good practice

We have gathered examples of good practice among our municipality schools into a written document. It contains entrepreneurial practices with all classes from the 1st to the 9th study year.

The written document is also shared on our intranet. Every school has their own teacher who is responsible for explaining these practices to new teachers, and the headmasters have to lead this process in their schools.

Escola Profissional Magestil; celebrating good practice

We aim to disseminate information about our entrepreneurial learning activities in a variety of ways:

  • With integrated training of each person involved we can promote the initiative and motivation and the development of good working habits, creativity and self-esteem;
  • We emphasise the relationship between the school and the business world;
  • We provide mechanisms so that the school and the professional job market can maintain a close relationship; these include: partnership activities; thematic meetings; discussion forums; seminars; planning of work placements.
Highfurlong S.E.N. School; celebrating good practice

We use a range of means for celebrating and disseminating the entrepreneurial learning activities that take place in our school:

  • The school's weekly newsletter details enterprise activity; we also produce an Enterprise newsletter annually alongside the SEF which is shared with our collaborative partners and prospective partners to provide an overview.
  • BBC coverage of Teaching Awards highlighted Highfurlong and awarded Enterprise Teacher of the Year October 2010, reported in local press and radio; Radio Lancashire covered our Enterprise Jubilee Celebrations last year.
  • The school's enterprise coordinator has given presentations both locally and nationally; for example, NQT (Newly Qualified Teachers)conference within the Blackpool authority; Inside Government; PfEG (Personal Finance Education Group); Warwick University Enterprise Conference; to a group of elderly people as part of a volunteering programme for a group of our students and to local primary and special schools.  
  • Our students have showcased their work at meetings and conferences.
  • The school is in contact with local Memebrs of Parliament and also Government Ministers; following an occasion when Highfurlong was involved in filming for the Cabinet Office, we received a letter from the Prime Minister's Office thanking the students for the Enterprise items we sent for his family.
  • Staff are involved in working parties and enterprise cluster groups; this involves access to local business people and opportunties for partnership work.
Hotelova akademia Bratislava; celebrating good practice
Our school disseminates its good results on our website, presents its successes to our local government and in the local media. We also have information on our school notice board.
In Memory of Polish Teachers 1939-1945, Middle School no. 6, Koszalin; celebrating good practice

When we participate in numerous ventures and competitions, we announce any successes achieved through the media.

We also use different advertising sources: folders, leaflets, posters, banners, film and local media.

The school received 'A certificate of quality for Schools of Entrepreneurship' , which confirms the quality of our numerous interdisciplinary activities connected with entrepreneurship. We organise many ventures and many teachers are trained in order to run the programme ‘Personal Economics’. This makes good use of their own knowledge, for example during counsellor hours. These teachers participate twice a year in workshops to develop new competences.

Jan Brzechwa Primary Public School with an Integrational Department, Nietkowice; celebrating good practice

The school uses it website to disseminate information concerning students' achievement in entrepreneurial learning programmes, activities undertaken and events organised. We systematically publish articles about our activity in the local monthly magazine „U nas”.

Janusz Kusicinski Primary School no. 3, Lodz; celebrating good practice

The school presents its achievements in the field of financial education by displaying relevant photographs, multimedia presentations and reports from project realisation in particular classrooms.

We also upload reports from meetings with parents and other family members on websites such as the school's website, Junior Achievement Poland and The Regional Teacher Training Centre.

Photographs from project realisation and celebrations related to financial education are also published in the School Chronicle and displayed in the corridors of the school's Gallery.

Lauritsala Upper Secondary School; celebrating good practice

Local press, website and Facebook are used to share the information about our enterprise projects.

MIddle School, Brusy; celebrating good practice

Our school has achieved several successes which has helped to disseminate our practice in entrepreneurial learning. For example:

  • School of Entrepreneurship' Certificate (2008) – this certifies that a certain school has taken on the role of local entrepreneurial education centre for young people. The programme is organised by JA Poland with cooperation from the Ministry of Education.
  • Co-organisation of workshops for teachers in the Pomeranian 'voivodship' running the programme 'Personal Economics or decide about yourself' - workshops are held twice a year with over 50 middle school teachers participating.
  • Participation in national competitions relating to entrepreneurship: a) 'Middle School Skirmish' - competition organised by YA Poland and National Bank of Poland. Our students were finalists of 'Middle School National Skirmish' in 2006 and finalists of 'Middle School Regional Skirmish' in 2006, 2007 and 2009.b) IDEA-competition for 'The best student undertaking'. c) Competition for schools running the programme 'Entrepreneurship' under the patronage of JA Poland and Polish-American Freedom Foundation – we were finalists of the 'IDEA' National Competition (2006 - 'Open up your heart for little Kacper'; 2008 - 'Entrepreneurship in a slightly different way'; 2011 - 'How to teach kindergarten students to recognize the eco-signs'). d) National Competition: 'From a classroom to big money' - we were finalists of the 'voivodship' stage.
  • Achievement of student projects: 'My region throughout time'; 'Man of success in my region'.
Mo and Jolster Upper Secondary School; celebrating good practise

Have a look at the webpage for the student company of 2012-2013. . These are probably Norway's best and most hardworking student business this year - and the winner of seven awards in the regional competition. They have made two national campaigns, profiled three local activities, and made webpages, films and printed material for countless firms and organisations. As a teacher, they have made me proud beyond measure - and have motivated me and themselves. 

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