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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

We have plans for every school year and each grade level.

Teachers have their own plans and goals and  students also have their own goals and targets.

The student board has a very active role in our school and implements their ideas during the school year.


Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

We have one teacher who is responsible for entrepreneurial actions in our school.

We also have one other teacher who coordinates the student board and helps th with their activities.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Learnig by doing -method is very useful in every subject, so we implement the method widely. We have wrote all kinds of ways to do entrepreneurial examples to our curriculum and handbooks. Every year we sit down and talk about these ideas, so new teachers can find out our way of doing these matters. In last two years we have bee concentrate to involve more student based activities, because these ideas motivates the best way. Now we want to get parents also more closely to our system than before. We want to build a new platform in our school where everybody can bring their ideas in action.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

It is a general way of thinking process in our school. We want to be proud of our school and give self confidence to our pupils.

Teachers have a huge role in this process, because it means new approaches in problem solving and pupils involvement in the learning process.

Step by step is a wise way of proceeding in education, so it takes many years to change the system.

We all have been doing a lot of entrepreneurial education, we just did not know it before.

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Cooperation between School and the Nearest Companies

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