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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

Yes, we have a vision and a plan for entrepreneurship education. The the main points are to


- provide students skills and knowledge to encourage them to be active and participatory and to make them to realize their opportunities

- courage to meet and adapt to the challanges facing them

- at this moment it does not include all students, because only few teachers are using teaching methods that support entrepreneurship


This subject is widely discussed in Finland and in Lappeenranta. There is a wide recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship education and The Ministry of Education and Culture has launched specific entrepreneurship education strategies.


In our school the students know entrepreneurship education more as a way of thinking, as an attitude and as a project-based approach than as a vision.

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

Yes, the school can arrange the teacher time resource for this purpose. The teacher can take part in various trainings. Teachers of our school are taking part in problem based learning project. We are in this project together with the other Upper secondary schools in Lappeenranta and it is based on the Lappeenranta city’s strategy. We also have an entrepreneurship education coordinator, teacher Mira Kankkunen.


Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

In our school the entrepreneurship education has its main focus on practical exercises and the creation of personal participation experience (projects, workshops, integration between courses and subjects)

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

Our teacher Mira Kankkunen has written down all the activities used in the past few years and she has also discussed with the teachers and asked their opinions how they would evaluate the projects or courses used.

Entrepreneurship education is mostly evaluated as a part of the normal course-evaluation: the teacher evaluates the learning settings and the students self-evaluate their learning, doing etc. If there has been external partners involved the evaluation process may vary.


Additional comments

We are starting enterpreneurship education in our school. We saw the opportunity to join this project because the local university is one of the co-operators.

Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Planning the own cource

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