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“Entrepreneurship at school” is included in most teaching programmes for secondary education in the City of Drammen. The basic idea of this study option is that real life is the basis of the studies. The school in using learning by doing in the Entrepreneurship classes and the special education programme called "Inspiro". The partners of the school are Enterprise Federation of Norway and Young Enterprise Buskerud

Inspiro is a study option offered at Drammen Secondary School, starting in 2014.

The candidates will acquire a general university admission certification. The study programme contains subjects such as drama, media and entrepreneurship. The study programme is based on pedagogical entrepreneurship, which means that the teaching methods will be hands-on, and the training will take place within a social context, in which the student himself/herself will be responsible for learning the material and where personal qualities, talents and skills will decide the trend of the study programme.


 The training will be implemented in cooperation with business – using an interdisciplinary approach.

The students can choose among drama production, starting, developing and running their own young people’s business, in which they can apply their knowledge of the Norwegian language, mathematics, social science and other general education subjects to produce their own theatre performances/shows or starting their own business.

The subjects that can be studied in the framework of Inspiro are:

  • The theory of media and information

  • Entrepreneurship and business development

  • Dramaturgy (in-depth studies)


Inspiro will teach the students to:

  • Start and manage young people’s businesses that will meet the demands of the market – in a creative way. 

  • Use the media and drama as methods to achieve their aim

  • Have a better basis for their choice of a career

  • Get inspiration from various walks of life, such as trades and industries  as well as cultural life

  • Acquire the necessary competence, depending on one’s choice of career

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