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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

Since the beginning, the development of the educational project of this school is based on it’s ongoing dialogue and exchange with business:

Private and Public Companies
National and Community Institutions
National and International Universities
Professional Associations
Local Municipalities

With an integrate training of each person we can promote the initiative and motivation, the development of working habits, creativity and self-esteem and

Emphasize the relationship between the School and the Business World;

We try to provide mechanisms so that the School and the Professional Market may stay closely and this include all students.

Magestil's philosophy it's based on three values: educating fot knowledge, educating for values and educating for entrepreneurship.

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

Yes. The school implements various projects based on "learning by doing", apply to many national and international competitions for students works and promotes the partnership with Junior Achievement as one of the most important activities of the school year.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Yes. The school focus the pincipal activities of each course in learning by doing aproach.
For each academic year an Intervention Plan is set. This is developed in line with the strategic vision of the school, according to the market situation and the pressing needs of the national society.

All activities of each course (fashion design area and Communication and Marketing) are developped in a working context with measures of transition to working life. Examples:

The bond created between School/Teachers with the Labour Market -developping real works to the real market; the partnership with Junior Achievement; the curricular trainings at the companies;
Strong relationship and identification of the companies with the School;
Projects developed throughout the course in a real context;
Contacts and dynamism together with the companies in the technical sectors;
Integrated work placements (in some courses);
Investment in equipment and cutting edge technologies;
Specific office to external relations;
Realization of PAP (final year project) in a real context of work.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

The entrepreneuship education is evaluated

  • by the results of the competitions,
  • by students and their families,
  • by the high percentage of employability;
  • by the motivation, involvement and interest felt
  • by the students in curricular and extra curricular activities,
  • by the percentage of the number of students who complete their course within the prescribed period, according to the requirements and observation and evaluation of the performance of former students in higher education and the feedback of the companies.

Please give examples

When we have new projects and when we win contests or competions we collaborate with media to promote our school and activities. Recently the school had some media projection (including national tv) with the results of fashion design contests.


Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Learning by Doing: Integrated Projects

School profile

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