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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

Our vision for entreprenurship education are for the students to learn by doing, and become selfmotivated and skilled in their lines of education through practical work with customers in their local community. As a vocational school it's our hope that the students will use the skills they are being educated in, by taking on work for local enterprise and organisations. With a  skilled teacher as a mentor, the students are able to take on real projects for real customers, and learn good work etichs.

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

YES. The school allow for the students to use the schools equipment and facillities while doing enterprenurship work inside and outside of school hours. The school is also supportive with travel expences that is needed to attend enterprenurship seminars and competitions. There are also regional founds that one can apply for more support if one have inovative ideas.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Since our school is a vocational school, there is a great focus upon learning by doing. This mostly relates to the subjects that are directly linked to the programme the students are attending. For example in the media and communication programme, the three subjects mediadesign, mediaproduction and mediacommunication have a great deal of learning by doing, where in the students might be challenged by the teacher ot plan a information campaign, after the theoretical education it's up to the students to find a theme, develop the information campaign - and then they have the possibility to try to sell it to the county, or other organisations that might have interrest in the campaign. 

The agriculture programme have the same methods, where the students learn about producing vegetables, and then later might try to sell the products they themselves grow and harvest.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

The entrepreneurship education is evaluated by the teachers that participate in The Company Programme. Also the students themselves evaluate their own work, with reports that they write  two times a year about their progress and how they have developed from the entreprenurship education. Also the annual JA YE regional competition is a great way to evaluate how the entreprenurship education have been for each year. The administration is not so close to the evaluation, but are happy when the student companies do well in entreprenurship. And our students do well each year, thanks to dedicated teachers and motivated students.

Please give examples

This year my student company that I work with enterprenurship with won seven awards in the regional The Company Programme (JA YE) competition. The local media came to us for the article, and we helped them with photographs from the event.  Later our two other student companies attended the national competition, and also there we won a award. Again we contacted media and gave them photographs and told them our story. This is important because of media have the pictures and are handed the story, they are more likely to print/publish, than if there are no visusals.   The facebook and internett marketing of positive news regarding our entreprenurship is straight forward. We make the stories and send to the one responsible for updating the school webpage/facebook. Longer articles are posted at the webpage, and links sent to the county and regional deptartement of education. Pictues and more casual short stories are posted on facebook, and "liked" by students, teaches and others.

Additional comments

Entreprenurship have been very, very successfull on our school, and we are starting to give back to our local communities in form of youth businesses that can someday become selfemployment and more. The students get more and more skilled in their subjects and their lines of education. There are so many great positive sides about enterprenurship, if done right.

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