Julian Tuwim Primary School no. 199, Poland

Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world and finding a place for yourself in it. It is innovativeness and creativity in thought and action. It is being brave enough to realize your own ideas and dreams, which in one way is simply taking advantage of opportunities and on the other hand, being able to adapt to changing conditions. It is being ready to take risks, and taking responsibility for decisions which you made. This requires extreme determination in achieving a goal, which results in consequences from actions.

 Children who learn how to be entrepreneurial take challenges, try to find solutions to problems, take on responsibilities for their actions and take better advantage of their own talent and capabilities.

Anna Wojciechowska,  principal of the Julian Tuwim Primary School no. 199 in Lodz

The number of students is 509 (without preparatory grade). School website The school blog 

Main points of the Entrepreneurship Education Programme running in the school:

  • Providing students with knowledge in the field of money management;

  • Preparing students to work out calculations connected to handling money;

  • Showing the student different types of money and their nominal value;

  • Getting the children interested in family financial issues;

  • Encouraging students to describe their own interests, dreams, goals and their realization, as well as developing their passion and talent;

  • Creating difficult situations for students, where they would have to make financial decisions;  

  • Improving team work skills;

  • Preparing the children to grade their actions regarding managing their money (allowance), project method.

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The school is also encouraging specific activities within the entrepreneurial education framework: Two innovative programmes are realised - “Young Entrepreneur” and “Entrepreneurial elements in early school education”. The school designates 2 hours per week for extracurricular lessons. 


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