Janusz Kusocinski Primary School no. 3, Lodz



Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education


Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

The school focuses on practical actions. II and III class students realize a program called “From a penny to a dollar” (From a grosh to a zloty).

Outside partners are engaged: The Kronenberg Foundation and Young Achievement Foundation.

This program also allows students to notice problems on an ethnic level, the necessity to help others, and notice different dimensions of wealth. It enables children to analyze the question of saving different types of resources

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

The evaluation is led by KF and FYP. Students fill out a survey at the beginning and at the end of the program. The parents fill out the survey at the end of the program.

Please give examples

“Penny adventures” – a meeting during which students, in the presence of invited guests, parents and other relatives present their knowledge and skills.

School profile

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