In memory of Polish Teachers 1939-1945 Middle Grade School no. 6



Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

The program “Everyday Economy” FMP, whose main goal is to create a business attitude by developing the ability to pave ones road of development, strengthening ones stronger side, interests, talents…, by financial and career orientated education… Every student undergoes business management education for one year via 3 summer school cycles (usually in second grade)

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

The school applies for financing the lessons by the Municipal Council. Sometimes it designates hours coming from the Principal’s limit of hours. It also finances all different types of activities in this scope.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Practical teaching occurs rarely; more often as an additional class aside from the standard schedule, which results in supporting the realization of the basic curriculum. Some examples are: English – eTwinning classes (partners – countries) German – DSD, Polish- German exchange program (partners – Germans and other institutions) History – trips, for example to Katyn, Social Studies – entrepreneurship Contests – “From class to class” Polish – School Theater Geography, Biology, Chemistry – Research activities

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

In the current school year an outside evaluation was conducted by NBP (National Polish Bank) – student surveys

Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Role Play – staging - theatre, game

School profile

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