Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto, Finland

Entrepreneurship education (EE) is an essential part of the school strategy. The target is to provide all students with an entrepreneurial attitude and collaborative way of working. Entrepreneurship is a compulsory part of the curriculum at Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto and in the Upper Secondary Vocational Education in Finland each student must take at least 5 credits entrepreneurial studies.

Suomen Liikemiesten Kauppaopisto (Helsinki Business College Ltd) is strongly connected to EE. For example, Vision 2015 highlights concepts like the entrepreneurial way of doing things and networking skills/abilities for the further success of individuals and also for the whole community. Operational principles are: a student-centered approach; responsibility; co-operation; enterprise. Entrepreneurship / Enterprise = courage, innovativeness, pro-activeness, taking controlled risks.

The college’s plan and vision for EE are communicated to students, parents, staff and the wider community.


The college evaluated their EE activities in 2012. The Entrepreneurial Education Test, which Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has launched in Finland, was piloted. The college took part in the international Peer Review with the Austrian Vocational College in Linz. One of the assessment areas was learning and learning processes.

The college allocates specific resources to encourage and support EE activities. There are several projects to encourage the teachers to implement the entrepreneurial contents in their teaching and to develop the learning processes. There is an appointed project manager (a teacher), who is running the YES centre in the Metropolitan area with responsibilities for the secondary level.

The school focuses on student centred learning and this approach is extended to a wide range of subjects. The pedagogical approach is very much 'Learning by Doing'. The focus is on student centred learning and encouragement of teachers to work together (a team of teachers) and to take responsibility for the students' success as a group.  As a business college a wide range of subjects are integrated into entrepreneurial learning environments: 24hr Camps, Company Programme, Enterprise without Borders and a Practise Enterprise Solution, which is mainly for the English language programme (QBA). There is a close co-operation with JA-YE in Finland and also with certain companies.


Feedback to students, parents, partnering companies and the wider community are provided via different kinds of questionnaires. The website of the college is used to promote EE ( videos, interviews, stories and different kinds of events).

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