Rakkestad Secondary School, Norway

Rakkestad ungdomsskole is a secondary school (13 – 16 year) that has 13 classes with about 320 students and 50 teachers.They currently use the the entrepreneurial method “student company” (elevbedrift) in the 9th grade.

Rakkestad ungdomsskole has used the entrepreneurial method 'student company' in the 9th grade since 2000. In the beginning each teacher had the responsibility of working with the method in their own way. However from 2008 a coordinator (Tone Helstad Glomsrud) was appointed in order to evaluate and improve the annual plans for the whole school. Tone Glomsrud also gives presentations to teachers in other schools in Norway on the developed method.


Rakkestad ungdomsskole`s method is included in the local government-based (Skoleutviklingsplanen) School Development Plan 2009 - 2013, and will continue in the plans for the future. The school is also mentioned in the government’s plans for Norwegian schools: Ungdomsstrinnsmeldingen boks 4.6”. 


Entrepreneurship Education:

  • In the 4th grade - 'Our local community' from JA-YE Norway 
  • In the 7th grade - 'Smartingen' from JA-YE Norway 
  • In the 9th grade - 'Elevbedrift' from JA-YE Norway (Student Company). This is a programme which all students in the 9th grade are part of and an annual plan is developed for it. They work with creative games, how to get an idea, how to make a business, how to write applications, how to prepare financial and business plans, how to create a vision and strategy. The entrepreneurial way of thinking crosses over into other subjects as well, and many of the creative games and problem solving techniques are used in ordinary subject lessons.
  • In the 8th to 10th grade - 'Gründercamps' with different challenges, in collaboration with JA-YE Norway.



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