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Alakylän koulu; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

The most important thing in Entrepreneurial Learning is to develop the students' intrapreneurship. A teacher needs to know their students very well, their capabilities in the learning process and their different personalities.

A teacher also needs to use such pedagogic tools that enable students to play an active role in their learning and to use their creativity. Students need to be allowed to take risks and should receive realistic and supportive feedback from their assignments. Developing good interaction skills is also a very important goal in this process.

Escola de Comércio de Lisboa; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

Our position is that Entrepreneurial Learning is about continuous exploration and inquiry, innovation, anticipation and participation. Therefore, we apply a student-centered learning approach that leads students to take responsibility for their own learning. It entices them to explore, inquire, reflect and articulate, to collaborate and co-operate in active tasks requiring enhanced degrees of initiative, interest and motivation. Thus, we believe that this open pedagogy, that uses Project Work methodology, reflects the spirit of entrepreneurial learning, that is: personal awareness, improvement of social and soft skills, and problem-solving attitudes together with creative thinking.

Escola Profissional Magestil; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

Magestil´s philosophy is based on three structural concepts: educating for knowledge, educating for values and educating for entrepreneurship.

Since the beginning, the development of of the educational programme (including Entrepreneurial Learning) in this school is based on its ongoing dialogue and exchange with business organisations, especially: Private and Public Companies; National and Community Institutions; National and International Universities; Professional Associations; Local Municipalities.

Our general aims are to prepare and qualify students with a solid, general, scientific and technological education and to help them become qualified professionals and entrepreneurial citizens.

Highfurlong S.E.N. School and Specialist College; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

The Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Policy  at Highfurlong S.E.N. School and College is concerned with bringing about a culture change in Highfurlong, so that all the young people gain an effective experience of enterprise education.  

For the purpose of this policy, enterprise education:

  •  is that which assists young people to become more enterprising in their approach to life, and in particular work;
  • provides a focus on the development of entrepreneurship, and supports the learning of it; and
  • encompasses core skills, employability skills, career education, work based/related learning and aspects of personal and social development. 
Hyde Park Junior School; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

'Enterprise in Education' is an all-embracing term, which includes Enterprise Education, Career Education and Education for Work. Enterprise Education includes any activity or approach which encourages a “can do” attitude while giving young people more control over their own learning and the environment in which it takes place. It provides opportunities for pupils to develop core Enterprise skills such as Communication,Numeracy, ICT, Working with Others and Problem Solving, as well as contributing to pupils’ personal and social development.

Kujawsko-Pomorski Center for Teachers' Education, Bydgoszcz; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

Independent of their educational level, schools perceive Entrepreneurial Learning in a similar way. Their actions are oriented to the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills, including: creativity; innovation in thinking and action-taking; taking responsibility for one's own decisions; determination in the pursuit of one's goals; planning one's educational and professional career path.

These actions are taken in the form of compulsory classes (fourth educational stage), extracurricular activities, student and teacher undertakings and projects, as well as the realisation of national programmes.

Mellervangskolen; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
We believe that when students are engaged in an innovative process, they can develop personal skills that will enable them to navigate their way through the changeable society of the future. Innovative processes also help develop the students' life skills.
Mo and Jolster Upper Secondary School; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
Entreprenurial learning is when students learn about how to run a business around their choice of educational area; this enables them 'to see the entire picture' and find their position in a Company. Entreprenurial learning takes single curriculum subjects and all the bits and pieces of learning that the student has achieved through their studies, and brings them together into a 'whole experience' where they can be a leader, a worker or a person of importance within a Company. Through participation, each student can learn about finance and management and can deepen their skills. Most importantly, they can meet real life customers.
Odsherreds Efterskole; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
Entrepreneurial Learning is about groups of people working together. It creates a value for someone and cannot be learned in theory but takes real-life-learning to get there.
Queen Jadwiga Middle School Complex no. 10; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

Entrepreneurial learning is considered in our school as a way of providing knowledge in the field of management of various resources - such as one's own potential, time and financial means management, as well as a way of shaping abilities:

  • making choices on the basis of established criteria;
  • decision-making; solving problematic situations; communicating;
  • team work.

Entrepreneurial learning constitutes a preparation for the fulfilment of future roles, including citizen, worker and consumer. It is about shaping the attitudes of a creative person who is engaged in their own development and the development of the location in which they live, work and learn.

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