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Below you will find selected examples from several countries in Europe. More will come as we build the Virtual Guide.

You can either search by country or by 8 different selected areas (Good Practices) or by both. The examples are meant to be of help in your own practice and when implementing entrepreneurship education in your school. You can probably not use them exactly as they are in the examples, but they may be a good start and a source of inspiration.

In the column to the right on this page, you will see some Case Study Schools which are good practitioners of entrepreneurial learning.


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Mellervangskolen; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
We believe that when students are engaged in an innovative process, they can develop personal skills that will enable them to navigate their way through the changeable society of the future. Innovative processes also help develop the students' life skills.
Odsherreds Efterskole; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
Entrepreneurial Learning is about groups of people working together. It creates a value for someone and cannot be learned in theory but takes real-life-learning to get there.
Soeborg Skole; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning
Entrepreneurial learning is a way of remembering to bring curiosity into learning for the students. It offers an outstanding opportunity for them to understand, listen to and debate with different adults who are searching for the right way to educate the next generation. It is about teaching the students to think: "We can, we do, we make!"
Uhre Fiskole; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

Every teacher and pupil at the school must participate in at least two entrepreneurial projects every year. Projects are evaluated with pupils, teachers and any partners involved and must meet the school's criteria for Entrepreneurial Learning Projects.

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