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Agrupamento de Escolas Conde de Oeiras; support and resources

The range of support provided for Entrepreneurial Learning includes:

  • Specific time allocated for the project;
  • Students' target ages range from 6 – 15 years old;
  • Classroom teachers and JAP collaboration volunteers comes from the 'business world';
  • Teacher co-ordinator of JAP programmes in the Conde de Oeiras Schools Group;
  • School Management time;
  • Involvement of teachers and media coordinators in schools with students with the target age of 6 – 8 years old.
  • Parents of the students encouraged to get involved; •Materials created by JAP and access to school physical resources.
Escola Profissional Magestil; support and resources

The ways in which our school supports entrepreneurial learning includes:

  • Maintaining a close relationship with students' families and/or guardians.
  • Providing continuous supervision on the part of class tutors and heads of departments.
  • Holding periodic meetings to monitor/supervise the performance of the classes/students involved.
  • Encouraging and enabling students to participate in innovative projects and contests and learn about work dynamics in a real context.
  • Realization and participation in Workshops and Entrepreneur Club /NIDE – Centre of Investigation and Enterprise Development.
  • Provide supervision and extra teaching lessons for the students who will continue with higher education
Highfurlong S.E.N. School; support and resources

Enterprise supports personalised learning and the students are the drivers to source and or generate funding and resources. There is no specific budget through school funds for Enterprise; however, initially the Headteacher did loan up to £50 to business groups who produced a business plan and arranged a meeting with him.

We encourage creativity in the students securing funding and finding ways in which to move their ideas or projects forward. This is achieved through a proactive, 'can do' ethos within the school and support for learning as required to achieve the best possible outcomes for the students.  

HERO funding was in place for all Blackpool Secondary and Special schools between 2007 and 2011. This supported Professional Development for staff, included additional funding for wages for increased responsibility, training, a wide range of physical resources, launch of challenges on a regular basis, regular access to enterprise activity days and HERO Awards ceremonies every June External sponsorship has been achieved to support business groups as they are able to make applications for loans. recently individual groups have secured interest free loans. It is is part of the enterprise coordinator's role to try to bid for funding.

Hyde Park Junior School; support and resources

The enterprise coordinator is given a budget each year. Last year this included a fund to be borrowed by children for resources and returned out of the total earnings made through their mini-company. The budget also includes 1/2 days for the coordinator to assess learning, collect evidence and resource new projects.

Kongevejens Skole; support and resources

As the teacher responsible for entrepreneurship, I am allocated 25 hours per year to guide/train teachers

Kujawsko-Pomorski Center for Teachers' Education, Bydgoszcz; support and resources

The school supports entrepreneurial learning initiatives and creates favourable technical conditions – it gives access to a computer laboratory equipped with suitable software. Facilities are constantly being developed.

The school sometimes supports financially (but only to a small extent) entrepreneurial actions. Innovative actions in Bydgoszcz schools, including entrepreneurial activities, are supported within the framework of the Bydgoszcz Educational Grants System. The school can apply for a grant in order to realise initiatives and innovative undertakings. It is the teacher-applicant who is in charge of the budget and who has to describe what the grant is needed for within the enterprise programme.

MIddle School, Brusy; support and resources

Our school provides assistance by:

  • Co-financing activities in partnership with the Community Education Board (Gminny Zarząd Oświaty) and Parents' Council.
  • Travelling workshops run by The School Entrepreneurship Club are co-financed to cover commuting and materials in the form of bureau equipment (stationery?), and multimedia equipment is lent for trips. The trips are also co-financed by local entrepreneurs, e.g. sponsoring the food.
  • The school is a co-organiser of workshops for teachers running the 'Personal Economics or decide for yourself' programme, in which about 50 teachers participate from several provinces of the Pomeranian 'voivodship' (e.g. costs include room renting, audiovisual equipment).
  • Local sponsors' assistance, including local institutions and entrepreneurs, is used during the organisation and realisation of the students' activities and projects e.g. 'Man of success in my region'. During this project, the school received financial and material assistance (e.g.folder preparation, advertising, equipping the exhibition stands, auditorium renting).
Mo and Jolster Upper Secondary School; support and resources
In our school, it's mostly up to the students to earn money from their youth enterprise work. The teachers might also help in recommending different products and clients for the students to pursue - but it's mostly up to the students to follow up and succeed. The school contributes any equipment necessary, but does not provide for the costs that might arise from using it. The teacher has no resources for entreprenurship since at our school it's not a subject in it's own right. So it's mostly work that the teacher does as a service to their students - because we believe in the value of teaching enterprenurship.
Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College; support and resources
£10k per year is allocated to the Business and Enterprise budget in the college. This is increased by funds brought in through bid-writing and, on some occasions, from other schools who buy in our expertise to run CPD sessions and other activities linked to entrepreneurial learning.
Odsherreds Efterskole; support and resources

Our school supports Entrepreneurial Learning through allocation of the following resources:

  • Student-trip for the specific Entrepreneurial class.
  • An Innovation teacher is responsible for the entire innovative teaching programme and is also responsible for spreading the approach to all classes.
  • A classroom is partly allocated for the use of the entrepreneurial class.
  • The entrepreneurial class participates in conferences and other events in Copenhagen, and in Danish Entrepreneurship Awards
  • When two science teams qualified for the finals in a scientist competition, they were both equipped with clothes, business-cards, prototypes, school banners and other resources.

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