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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

Since 2006-2007, we have been cooperating with Junior Achievement: The program “Economics for Success”, involving 87 students of the 9th grade.

Up to now, the program has expanded at this school involving now around 640 students across different year groups.

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

Specific time for this project is allocated on the slot for “Education to citizenship” – 45 min x 6

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

The methodology used always has the student in the center of the program development. We've adopted more JAP projects over the years, for example, “The Family”, “The Community”, “It's my Business”. The external partner involved - Junior Achievement Portugal. Punctual cooperation of Câmara Municipal de Oeiras e Centro de Saúde de Oeiras.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

Pre and Post test evaluation to each class.

Results analysis on a specific gridline given by Junior Achievement and uploaded by the coordinator/teachers and volunteers.

This gridlines are submitted to Junior Achievement and all the process is monitored by the coordinator. Apart from this, online surveys are also submitted at the end of the program, as well as, tailored activity reports.

The intervenients:

  • School management,
  • Junior Achievement Portugal Volunteers,
  • JAP Program Coordinator,
  • Teachers.

Please give examples

  • School Newspaper- “Tagarela”
  • Newsletter – JAP

School profile

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