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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

All students at all levels participate in an innovation event each year, and all teachers at the school participate in at least one innovation workshop per year.


Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

All teachers have participated in an innovation workshop.

The school has an innovation consultant to guide the different teams and students

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

When doing innovative programmes, we focus on specific cases. Students' main focus is solving a problem through different activities, finding the necessary information and knowledge that help them solve the particular problem. This work involves external partners. 

Innovative programmes focus on cross-curricular, problem-related work rather than school subject Occasionally, however, innovative work is included in the different subjects

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

Evaluation will take the form of oral evaluation at three teacher meetings during the school year. 

Please give examples

Additional comments

Variation of materials and methods is essential when teaching innovation and entrepreneurship. In our experience students get tired of doing same activities for all innovation programmes.

Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Innovative Learning Model (IL-Model)

School profile

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