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Hotelova akademia Bratislava; celebrating good practice
Our school disseminates its good results on our website, presents its successes to our local government and in the local media. We also have information on our school notice board.
Hotelova akademia Bratislava; cooperating with partners outside school

We cooperate with Junior Achievement and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs and through these organisations we cooperate with companies, whose people come to our school to give presentations, teach students and explain about specific topics. We are a vocational school and our students have practice training in many hotels, but we do not really see this as entrepreneurship education.

Hotelova akademia Bratislava; introducing entrepreneurial learning to students

This school cooperates with Junior Achievement Slovakia (JASR) and does some projects with them. The teacher usually explains to students about each project, shows them the JASR website and invites experienced students who have already participated in such a project to talk about their work, experiences, and the knowledge they have gained. Each project is displayed on a big noticeboard at the school to motivate other students to participate.

Hotelova akademia Bratislava; time in the curriculum

Our school´s subjects are Hotel Management, Marketing and Economy - Enterprise Education is part of all three. Junior Achievement Slovakia (JASR) activities can usually be fitted within these subjects although we also offer them in after-school activities.

Obchodna akademia, Topolcany; cooperating with partners outside school
We cooperate with companies willing to accept our students for their one month training. Unfortunately, there are not many companies willing to support education this way. However, there is an Austrian company called LKW Walter which cooperates with our school, giving students the opportunity to practice in their firm. The best students/workers are given a chance to work for the company after graduating.
Obchodna akademia, Topolcany; evaluation and assessment

Rules for assessment and records are stated in our school curriculum and are based on our marking system where 1 = best and 5 = worst. Twice a year, at the end of each term, students are given school reports - the overall evaluation of their achievement in all subjects. In addition, students keep records of their work in a portfolio where both teacher and student can see their development over time.

Secondary Grammar School Kosice and entrepreneurial learning in school plans

The School Development Plan includes the following reference to Entrepreneurial Learning:

  • There is a 'Students' Company' which is supported and agreed by the whole school. Its responsibility is to organise events for students and for teachers; for exampe, 'Students' Company' made a calendar using a range of photos of the school, its students and also the teachers.

It has a memorable character and was promoted with the slogan: "We are all in this together!"

Secondary Grammar School Kosice; evaluation and assessment
Our school is kept informed about every single step of Students Company. General Assembly is the first place to introduce the company's activities such as their business plan and future actions. During the school year, we inform everybody about upcoming events, and after the events we ask for feedback from many sources: via e-mails, Facebook, personal contact, posters, etc.
Secondary Grammar School Kosice; introducing entrepreneurial learning to students

First phase: before every prepared enterprise event/activity we have business meetings where we select an event leader. He/She must prepare and image the whole event, how it will work, what and who is needed to help as co-workers. The leader defines the product, price, promotion, place and the working hours for the co-workers.

The second phase is the realisation of the event/activity. Every participant must be able to cope with their work responsibilities and must complete them in time.

The third phase is the analysis of the event/activity. Every leader has to thank the co-workers, analysing both the good and not-so-good aspects of the venture, identifying what could have gone better and informing the team about their financial situation.

Secondary Grammar School Kosice; time in the curriculum
Entrepreneurial Learning is part of the normal curriculum. It takes place in timetabled time, usually after Period 7. For every event a student leader is identified who is given 10 hours to complete their part in the activity. Co-workers are allocated as many hours for their responsibilities as the leader thinks to be appropriate for them.

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