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Below you will find selected examples from several countries in Europe. More will come as we build the Virtual Guide.

You can either search by country or by 8 different selected areas (Good Practices) or by both. The examples are meant to be of help in your own practice and when implementing entrepreneurship education in your school. You can probably not use them exactly as they are in the examples, but they may be a good start and a source of inspiration.

In the column to the right on this page, you will see some Case Study Schools which are good practitioners of entrepreneurial learning.


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Obchodna akademia, Topolcany; evaluation and assessment

Rules for assessment and records are stated in our school curriculum and are based on our marking system where 1 = best and 5 = worst. Twice a year, at the end of each term, students are given school reports - the overall evaluation of their achievement in all subjects. In addition, students keep records of their work in a portfolio where both teacher and student can see their development over time.

Secondary Grammar School Kosice; evaluation and assessment
Our school is kept informed about every single step of Students Company. General Assembly is the first place to introduce the company's activities such as their business plan and future actions. During the school year, we inform everybody about upcoming events, and after the events we ask for feedback from many sources: via e-mails, Facebook, personal contact, posters, etc.
Stredná odborná škola; evaluation and assessment
Entrepreneurship Education in our schools is now included in the context of those vocational subjects providing business training. Review, assessment and recording of Entrepreneurial Learning is also included. Complimentary assessment methods and classification procedures are set out in the school curriculum and evaluation criteria are specified in specialist subjects such as Economics. We also hold debriefing sessions with teaching staff.

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