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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

In the last 2 years of the four-year study programme, all the students take part in entrepreneurship education in the subject called: Training Firm.

The aim is to set up a training company in which they simulate all the processes common for a real firm.

Who is responsible for communicating the plan and did you get any reactions?

The teacher who is responsible for the subject: Training Firm

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

No - we've made our own materials.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Trainig firm - see above Training in real companies - 2 weeks in the 3rd grade, 2 weeks in the 4th grade Entrepreneurship education - theoretical preparation for business activities Tour guide services - giving a tour in hometown and other towns of Slovakia in mother tongue and foreign languages.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

We use the grading system of the Slovak Republic.

Every school term there is a school report that records grade 1-5 (where 1 is best) for every subject - taking part in different competitions.

Additional comments

We´d like to take part in this project because our experience from applying CLIL method has showed that there is lack of suitable materials.  We see this as a way to contribute and cooperate in a field in which we are very interested. 


Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Problem-Solving Method

School profile

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