Primary/SEN Challenge

A regional Enterprise Challenge competition designed for primary school pupils and students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) which includes presenting ideas at a Dragon's Den event.

Purpose and process

To encourage as many Essex Primary and SEN schools as possible to join together in an annual Enterprise Challenge activity. A small sum of money is offered to each school wanting to enter a team into the competition in order to give their students the chance to set up their own Enterprise company. The money has to be matched by their own school. Within a given timescale, teams from all the participating schools each submit a portfolio of evidence explaining the purpose behind their company, how it operates and the products/services it offers, together with any proof of success such as profits made, products sold or evidence of customer satisfaction. Teams are then invited to take part in the Competition Finals which is run in the style of a Dragons' Den event. Each team must  'pitch' their ideas to the 'dragons' who are local entrepreneurs, including volunteers from local companies. The winning school receives a cheque for their school - and plenty of publicity in the local media.

Learning outcomes

Students can: 

  • Develop enterprising skills, attitudes and behaviours, including communication skills, team work, time management, presentation, problem-solving and decision making;  
  • Practise and improve their thinking and listening skills;  
  • Design and produce innovative products/services;  
  • Develop business and financial capability through practical experience, especially with regard to dealing with a limited budget.

Curricular or thematic relevance

Standalone enterprise activity which can be linked to a wide range of subjects.

How to organise:

Competing enterprise companies are likely to be run on an extra-curricular basis, e.g. lunchtimes/after school; the Dragon's den event takes place during the school day.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Fully integrated into the process as it is a competition.

Volunteer involvement

The Dragons' Den event depends on volunteers from the business world acting as judges; a business may also host this event. In addition, some competing Enterprise companies may have had input from local entrepreneurs to help them develop their ideas; they may also be selling products/services to the local community.

Additional comments

This method can be adapted for any age range and can combine older and younger students working together or in competition with each other

Provider country

United Kingdom

Files for download:

challenge_rules__regulations_for_primary_challenge_201213 (1).doc / 44kB

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The Thriftwood School

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    Oldo Vaňous

A real learning by doing tool that addresses several issues at the same time. The tool has potential for adaptation into different cultures.



It's an excellent idea, especially that the budget is limited!!! this way loads of inequalities are avoided during the competition.

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It's an excellent idea, especially that the budget is limited!!! this way loads of inequalities are avoided during the competition.

Ildiko 15.07.2014

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