Ty i twoja szkoła

W tej części znajdziesz dwa urządzenia sieciowe: pierwsze do autoewaluacji nauczycieli; drugie - jakościową listę kontrolną przeznaczoną do analizy pracy szkoły w tym obszarze.

All the pilot schools of TES have scored themselves according to a quality framework in the area of entrepreneurship education, based on the work of the two universities: University of Warwick and Lappeenranta University of Technology.

The same has been done with the tools and methods. You can see the obtained scores when you search under "Tools and Methods" or under "Schools and Good Practice" in the right part of the webpage of each tool/method or school/good practice. Teachers and schools headmasters are encouraged to review and assess their progress on a regular basis.The two handy tools are now available in this section of the Virtual Guide. Feel free to use them to assess your current efforts and practices.



Lappeenranta University’s Measurement Tool for Enterprise Education is a self-assessment for teachers in primary, secondary and vocational school. After the registration you can start answering and it takes only 5 minutes. Develop and evaluate your progress, it's easy!

Go to the Lappeenranta University's Measurement Tool for Enterprise Education




The 10 Key Concepts for effective Entrepreneurship Education delivery (CEI10) is a ten-item questionnaire designed to enable the user to undertake an initial review of their school/college’s enterprise education provision. The questionnaire requireS an estimated 10 minutes to complete. In the test and trial phase of the virtual guide, we will collect data from as many as possible and later be able to give you feedback based on our data. 


Go and score the CEI10 questionnaire


Centre for Education and Industry has adapted the Quality Framework and National Standard for Entrepreneurship Education and developed a quality review process (CEI10, CEI35 and the Entrepreneurship Education Activities Audit). The quality checklist is organised into five elements, each of which describes and identifies quality processes:

    • The vision of enterprise education in terms of concept and communication
    • Conducting an enterprise education audit
    • Planning and managing enterprise education
    • Delivering an enterprise education curriculum
    • Assessing and evaluating enterprise education

 If you want to know more about The CEI Entrepreneurship Education Quality Framework, you can read more by downloading the documents below.  The CEI Entrepreneurship Education Quality Framework (CEI35) is a 35-item questionnaire. It has been designed for schools and colleges who want to undertake a more detailed review of their enterprise education provision. The framework addresses key questions in the development of enterprise education, and uses an approach that complements school/college self-evaluation and self assessment.

Download the CEI 35 here (ps - you are not expected to score this documents for the training)

The CEI Entrepreneurship Education Activities Audit is a resource which aims to help practitioners to identify existing provision and to provide a guide to future development needs.

 Open CEI Entrepreneurship Education Activities Audit (ps - you are not expected to score this documents for the training)


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