Skills and Strengths Quiz

A self-assessment tool in quiz format for children to identify their own strengths and 'lifelong learning' skills that can be applied in real life contexts, in particular skills in taking responsibility for own learning, and understanding of others.

Purpose and process

To raise pupils' awareness of their strengths and lifelong learning skills. The 'Know Your Own Strengths' quiz is used at the beginning of a project to give them a starting point when identifying and designating roles and responsibilities, and also as a baseline for target-setting and self-assessment as the project progresses.

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Develop their ability to identify and self-assess their lifelong learning skills;
  • Be motivated and encouraged to build self-responsibility and understanding of others.

Curricular or thematic relevance

The resource can be used in contexts relating to a range of subjects though the school uses it only in relation to enterprise education activities; it would be useful in citizenship and development of personal and social skills, especially where pupils are considering issues to do with spirituality, self-assessment or personal skills in relation to the wider world.

How to organise:

Can be used at the start of a project in a single lesson and then re-visited during the course of the project to support the review process. Could also be used in extra-curricular activities or during a themed enterprise day.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Designed as a self-assessment tool, as a focus for both teachers and pupils in identifying pupils' strengths and skills and reviewing skills development.

Volunteer involvement

Would be enhanced by the involvement of an external person (e.g. someone from industry, a secondary school student, a community volunteer) who could highlight the importance of the skills to learning, work and everyday life and provide examples of how they are used.

Additional comments

We use these tools only when doing specific enterprise projects but they have the potential to be used across any subject.

Provider country

United Kingdom

Files for download:

tools.docx / 281kB

Has been provided by school:

Hyde Park Junior School

helper do TM detail body (June 6th, 1st half)


I do like this tool,case it gives children the olpportunity to go into dialoques discussions and to formulate strengts and things that they feel confident about. I think every teacher should adabt the questions and make their own with inspiration from the given examples


    Maarit Mattila

To finnish people it really difficult to prise herself. Traditionally teachers are looking for mistakes. It is a hard job to change our culture. For a young people it's really important to have a strengh self-believe.


    Sergey Kuznetsov

Great tool - students like activities like that and find them both interesting and enjoyable. Useful for teachers and parents to get better understand students' strengths and needs.


    Roxana Stefanescu

Nice tool, easy to use and I like it that its visual. The info can be easily understood by the students.

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Nice tool, easy to use and I like it that its visual. The info can be easily understood by the students.

Roxana Stefanescu 04.03.2014

helper do TM detail right side (TM June 6th, 2nd half)

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