Rotherham Ready Enterprise Framework Big 13 Enterprise Journey

An account of  the Rotherham Ready Big 13 approach, based on the experiences of a UK school for students with special educational needs (physical disabilities, medical needs and/or learning difficulties) where it is used to support all students' enterprise learning journey.

Purpose and process

Rotherham Ready's 'Big 13' (and Enterprise Skills Outcomes Matrix) is used to record activity and measure students' progress throughout their life at school. Students use the framework to self-assess their progress in the 13 enterprise skills identified by education and business as those needed by young people in order to be successful and contribute to a dynamic economy. These are:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Risk management
  3. Negotiating and influencing
  4. Effective communication
  5. Creativity and innovation
  6. Positive attitude
  7. Initiative
  8. Organising and planning
  9. Problem solving
  10. Leadership
  11. Making ethical decisions
  12. Financial literacy
  13. Product and service design.

A simple to use and ever-growing online resource, the framework helps to break down enterprise learning against specific student age groups (key stages) and skills. Under every skill and key stage, a range of downloadable case studies is provided from schools using the Big 13 approach. There are resource booklets and a 'Big 13 Wheel' showing how enterprise education is comprised of specific enterprise education activities and is also part of a young person’s entire education journey. Enterprise has been at the heart of life in the school since 2005; for example, during Enterprise Focus weeks (November/June), students have many opportunities to learn and practise the Big 13 through running their own business groups. Teachers find these tools provide focus, are fully adaptable and complement the range of externally-moderated modules and programmes of study they deliver.

Learning outcomes

The framework is intended to help, inspire and support enterprise education in all age groups. Students can:

  • Identify, reflect on and assess their enterprise skills and attributes and how they are progressing, both during and after an enterprise activity takes place
  • Recognise when and how they are in fact 'being enterprising'
  • Develop and use a common vocabulary regarding enterprise skills and attributes which helps to provide a structure for discussion, questioning and feedback, and for identifying next steps/learning goals.

How to organise:

Permeates the whole life of the school. Can be used to underpin timetabled lessons, suspended timetable events and activities taking place in extra-curricular time.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

The Big 13 approach is in itself an assessment and evaluation tool.

Volunteer involvement

The school regularly encourages involvement of external partners within the enterpreneurial learning experiences of their students.

Additional comments

Highfurlong is a school which caters for students from the age of two and a half to nineteen years of age who have a physical disability and/or medical needs, the majority of pupils have an additional learning difficulty or disability. Since 2005, enterprise it put at the heart of life at Highfurlong School. The Enterprise Journey tool provides focus on entrepreneurial skills and this complements the range of externally moderated modules and programmes of study delivered at Highfurlong. 

Provider country

United Kingdom

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This looks like a great set of resources addresing a special target group. I believe it is related to another tool published in this guide - RR-Review

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