Ideation Workshop

During an Ideation Workshop, students learn to understand the mindset of an entrepreneur and gain hands-on experience of the innovation process. The complex literature on entrepreneurship and innovation has been carefully condensed into an interactive curriculum that allows young people to take charge of their own learning. By the end of the Workshop, teams will have found innovative solutions to a social problem and created a tangible prototype from their ideas.

Purpose and process

The need for entrepreneurs is continuously growing as competition gets tougher and the world becomes increasingly globalized. Whether one is starting one's own company or innovating within an existing company, having an entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success. The goal of the Ideation Workshop is to train students' creative mindset and inspire them to become great entrepreneurs. 

During the programme, students go through 6 stages:

1. Understand - In order to successfully solve a problem you need to understand its true nature. The first step in the process is therefore to understand the overall challenge and break it into specific sub-challenges. Students then do research to learn more about the problem areas they have identified.

2. User - Next, the students have to identify the various user segments and choose a final user. They have to obtain an overview of that user’s specific problems, then select and describe the problem they want to solve for the user.

3. Tech - Most breakthrough innovations are based on a smart new technology or intelligent use of existing technology; this stage is focused on screening and assessing the latest technology trends. Students must find, screen, and assess new technologies in order to understand their benefits, weaknesses, and applications.

4. Ideate - At the very centre of every innovation is a great idea! That is why the ideation activity is essential for the success of any project. To enable highly creative ideation sessions, a 3-step model is used that helps one to come up with hundreds of ideas before sorting and converting them into the final concept. After having found a brilliant idea students have to create a sustainable business model that can take the idea to the market and create high impact. They must work as a creative team and use the 'Design Thinking Principles' to create, sort, and conceptualize ideas systematically in order to find the right business model for their idea.

5. Pitch - After having found their brilliant idea, teams need to prepare a good pitch. A pitch is a short and precise presentation of the solution that highlights the most important features and makes the audience fall in love with your team and your idea. Students must build a great prototype that demonstrates their idea, then design and practice a powerful business pitch.

6. Continue - After the Ideation Workshop students have the opportunity to continue on their entrepreneurial journey by signing up for one of Intel’s other entrepreneurship courses in order to further work on their ideas!

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Learn to identify business opportunities where other people can only see problems
  • Understand social challenges and know how to analyse the context
  • Screen new technologies and quickly understand how they can be applied to solve a problem
  • Use creative tools and techniques to generate great ideas
  • Build innovative business models
  • Make rapid prototypes and use visual communication to create a great presentation of their ideas

Curricular or thematic relevance

The Ideation Workshop can be used as a standalone activity or can supplement an existing subject, course or qualification

How to organise:

The Workshop normally takes place over 2 days so could be run as an extra-curricular or suspended timetable event.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Assessment and self-review is embedded in the workshop process

Volunteer involvement

Workshops are either run by Intel employees or trained facilitators.

Additional comments

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Files for download:

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