Big 13 Enterprise Skills and Associated Activities

A list of 13 transferable 'life skills' which pupils and teachers can use to provide a common language for discussion of entrepreneurial activity and to audit skills.

Purpose and process

To provide a common language for the discussion and auditing of skills used across the curriculum and wider activities. The process of keeping a scrapbook of entrepreneurial activity is a fun and eye-catching way of keeping a record of how skills have been used in different contexts.

Learning outcomes

  • To develop a positive attitude and initiative.
  • To develop a range of 'transferable' life skills in, for example, organising and planning, teamwork, risk management, negotiation, communication, decision-making, leadership, creativity, financial literacy, problem solving, product and service design.
  • To develop awareness of the relevance of these skills to pupils' activities within and outside school.

Curricular or thematic relevance

The resource is particularly helpful for use across the curriculum, to show the relevance of these skills to a range of subjects.

How to organise:

Can be used within timetabled lessons, and more widely across the curriculum, extra-curricular actvities and during events. To optimise this resource, opportunities should be provided to review the scrapbooks and discuss skills development and application across pupils' activities - this could take place in PSHE lessons.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Pupils monitor their own development with a self evaluation. By keeping a scrapbook of entrepreneurial activity, they can keep a record of activities which utilise the skills.

Volunteer involvement

Activities would be enhanced by the involvement of a business mentor, to highlight the importance of these skills to work and life outside of school. An employer or self-employed person could be invited to look at and discuss the scrapbooks with pupils, to show they are valued. Parents/carers could also invited to do this.

Additional comments

The Big 13 skills were developed by Rotherham Ready. It might be necessary to gain permission to reproduce them elsewhere.

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United Kingdom

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Thoresby Primary School, Hull

helper do TM detail body (June 6th, 1st half)

    Lina Ellina

Transferable life skills is a key competency in the 21st century. All 13 skills are beneficial for students also in future.



Not just for organising business projects with students but supposed to be indispensible to get the kids we have been "given" ready and well-prepared for the tasks and challenges of (modern) life. However I miss a concrete guide with tools to use and realize effectively (therefore just 3 stars).



The idea is great. Whet I don't see is how those skills are trained wih the pupils and how to really evaluate their achievement


    Roxana Stefanescu

Nice tool, seems easy to use! I like the fact that students can evaluate themselves and track their progress. The involvement of business volunteers its a plus!



Framework for understanding the learning outcomes is important and neccesary for teachers.The life skills here seems essential. But I really can't find the tool, only the description... Is there a link hidden somewhere



Fine tool that allows you and the pupils to talk and visualize skills trained and accomplised. We can you it, but might have to give it a twist 😃 Jannie

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Fine tool that allows you and the pupils to talk and visualize skills trained and accomplised. We can you it, but might have to give it a twist 😃 Jannie

JannieUhreFriskole 05.12.2014

helper do TM detail right side (TM June 6th, 2nd half)

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