After Graduation Simulation

An activity developed and run by a Polish Vocational Education Centre over the past ten years, in which students take part in simulated qualification interviews for positions offered by local employers. It culminates in a school-to-school competition where the employers tell the students who they feel would have the best chance of being hired, based on their interview preparation and performance.

Purpose and process

To give students as realistic an experience as possible of applying and being interviewed for a specific position in a company, with detailed and constructive feedback from an employer, whilst they are still in education.  Once they have selected the job they are interested in applying for, they prepare application documents and are briefed on how standard interviews are conducted. In particular, they find out about the kind of questions frequently asked by employers and collect information about the company to which they will be applying. Next, the invited employers conduct interviews with the students in the same manner as if they were interviewing real candidates for the position. After finishing each interview, they share their opinion about the candidate, pointing out their strong points and what, according to them, the candidate should work on.

Learning outcomes

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Students can:

  • Learn how to prepare application documents, useful for preparing for work experience, internships and employment
  • Gain first-hand knowledge and experience of general interdisciplinary and professional requirements connected with being interviewed for a specific job
  • Develop self presentation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Deepen knowledge about the demands of the modern job market
  • Deepen knowledge about the local job market.

Curricular or thematic relevance

Can be used as a part of economics studies or career development programs or as a standalone activity related to entrepreneurship in general.

How to organise:

Interviews are likely to take place during extra-curricular or suspended timetable time but the preparation stages and background research work could occur during timetabled lessons.

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Assessment and evaluation approaches

The interviewing employers assess and provide feedback for the students during their interviews; as part of the competition process, they also evaluate which students they would be most likely to hire for their company, according to their own criteria. 

Volunteer involvement

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The active involvement of employer partners from local companies is essential to the success of this project as they are responsible for offering 'real' positions for which the students can apply, then for  conducting the interviews and, finally, for providing feedback to the students.  Employers are often very positive and keen to participate in this type of initiative as they are familiar with the interviewing process and regard it to be a fruitful and practical way of preparing students for work in the future.

Additional comments

This method matches the nationwide reality which exists in schools. It can be organised in the form of simple discussion simulations or build up to a school-to-school competition. It generally works best in schools higher than junior high (all types), such as high schools, technical schools and even colleges. Everything depends on the position for which the student is applying, and the employer is offering.

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I think it is very useful for students to identify their own weak and strong points as a worker. I would use it for students reaching the working age and at risk of school leaving.


    Lina Ellina

Notwithstanding the usefulness and the importance of all these skills, I am not sure I see how these are related to business start ups.


    Aleksandra Hristic

I have done something like this in Serbia, but it was a simulation among students. it is certainly more useful to included real employers in a simulation.



The method of simulated job interviews is a very good and effective method. It is highly recommended, the more that participate in the conversation pracodawcy.jest is much better than the simulation performed by the students themselves.


    Marilina Saba

During job interviews, candidates have to show they have all the required skills to fill a post that involves team work, a target-oriented attitude and a flexibile approach. Simulating job interviews with real entrepreneurs helps the pupils to be aware of the importance of soft skills, and it encourages teachers to plan activities aimed at developing them.



It is really good method to prepare students for what is awaiting them in the business world. The experience and the required skills are extremely useful. However this method is more related to people who are looking for a job and not young entrepreneurs who are about to run a startup.



The first job is very important for all young people, because the school has a duty to prepare for this moment. This metod gives students a better chance on the labor market. The students can learn how to talk with the employer, during the qualification interview.

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The first job is very important for all young people, because the school has a duty to prepare for this moment. This metod gives students a better chance on the labor market. The students can learn how to talk with the employer, during the qualification interview.

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