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Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

“Economy Everyday” program.

Thanks to the program, the youth that participates in them can:

  • use bank services,
  • apply obtained economic knowledge to practical use,
  • manage their finances,
  • excercise their consumer rights,
  • judge the level of risk while making decisions,
  • effectively function in a competitive and market economy; know:
  • conditions of forming ones own place of work , business ethics,
  • mechanisms of how the economic market works and how to manage a sole proprietorship,
  • how to set up short and long term goals taking under consideration in what condition the economic market is in and fluctuating job market.
  • acquires skills in:
  • planning and foreseeing consequences of ones actions,
  • planning and rational time management,
  • rationally making choices,
  • interpersonal communication and cooperation within a team,
  • creatively approaching a task and encountered problems,
  • data processing and judging their usefulness.

This program is implemented in 3 junior high school classes in the form of extra hours.

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

Additional classes for students – assigned during regular class hours, free materials for students, fully equipped classrooms are provided, copy machine, telephone, funding to cover the costs of executing the project for the students – cooperation with the Parent Council.

Financing additional classes within the framework of Open Campus.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

All the junior high students take part in the realization of at least one educational project. In many subjects such as: Polish, Geography, Mathematics, active methods of teaching are applied like drama, simulation games, students present theatrical plays or present art work made by themselves.

Students who execute the “Economy Everyday” program initiate and realize many educational projects at the general school level with the cooperation of the locals.

Outside partners are Neighborhood Council representatives, City Hall, business representatives, for example Photo Copy center owner, school shop. They search for parents to support mutual work.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

Education for entrepreneurship is evaluated by teachers realizing classes with the help of observation forms, tests of knowledge and skills, student surveys, and questionnaires made for parents as well as outside evaluations made by The Foundation of Young Entrepreneurs, The Polish National Bank.

Please give examples

Preparation of a Youth Forum – Safe Internet, during which students prepared and presented presentations for the entire school community as well as for representatives of Student Councils in a couple Gdynia schools. In the forum, the Gdynia alderman, Police representatives, and Neighborhood Council took part. Preparation of Open Campus Day – posters presenting the achievements of students realizing the “Economy Everyday” program.

Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Didactic Games: Simulation

School profile

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