Politiikka ja strategiat

Täältä löydät viimeisimmät Euroopan maiden hallitusten ja muiden instituutioiden julkaisemat poliittiset asiakirjat mm. yrittäjämäiseen oppimiseen liittyen.

Huomioithan, että käännöstyö on kesken ja osa materiaaleista ja toiminnoista on vielä englanniksi.

Several European countries have implemented national strategies or initiatives to support entrepreneurship education. The European Commission has made entrepreneurship education a key element of its policy guidelines.

In many countries, multiple ministries are working together with key actors in the community to implement and scale up entrepreneurship learning in schools. Teachers are key participants and leaders within the entrepreneurial learning ecosystem. There is interaction with business and industry, with NGOs and a variety of institutions as well as an increasing amount of student activity in competitions or projects.

National government documents and EU papers clearly reflect the importance of entrepreneurship education. Joint efforts are being made to define specific learning outcomes and impact indicators for entrepreneurship education.

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