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Information on the Finnish national network for enterpreneurship education which connects together 19 regional YES centres and the services of JA-YE Finland.

Purpose and process

YES services were first established in 2001, based on a model from Canada. This has since developed into a wide entrepreneurship education network of regional centres coordinated by the National YES organisation  (founded 2010). YES Network provides concrete entrepreneurship education services for teaching personnel including: training in entrepreneurship education and services for developing entrepreneurship in schools and establishing/enhancing school-business networks; events, seminars, and teacher training programmes both regionally and nationwide; the development and dissemination of teaching plans and strategies, some in partnership with teachers; JA-YE Finland's regional services.

Learning outcomes

The YES Network enables entrepreneurship education in schools by:

  • Offering support for a wide network of actors and stakeholders
  • Coordinating different co-operative efforts taking place across the regions
  • Producing concrete materials and information for teachers to use when teaching different entrepreneurial competencies and skills
  • Participating in the development of teaching plans and strategies.

Curricular or thematic relevance

The YES Registered Association is responsible for realising the national policy guidelines for EE provided by Finland's Ministry of Education and Culture. Materials and training for teachers are provided to fit with every curriculum subject in addition to the 'Entrepreneurship Education' cross-curriculum theme requirements of the Finnish national curriculum.

How to organise:

Services and resources are available to suit a broad range of curricular and extra-curricular contexts.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Promoted within activities and training programmes

Volunteer involvement

There is potential for involving external partners (e.g. entrepreneurs, businesses, volunteers, parents) in many of the YES Network activities and school-business partnership is actively promoted and supported. In addition, YES Network staff are in constant contact with schools and colleges.

Additional comments

YES is a Finnish resource-centre for entrepreneurship education, and as such it produces and provides information and material for teachers to teach different entrepreneurial competencies and skills for their students. YES services have been developed with funds acquired from the European Social Fund and local partners. The initial project was mainly funded and developed in association with the Finnish National Board of Education. Local partners include regional development drivers, entrepreneur organisations and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. More information: National YES (Finland) Sanna Lehtonen, and her e-mail:

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    Kristina Velkovska Dias

I like the idea of regional centers which are open to accept new members like entrepreneurs, businesses, volunteers, parents. Involvement of these stakeholders at the very local places is important.


    Livia Di Nardo

Creating a network involving all stakeholders in entrepreneurship education is the best way to boost this type of education at national level. The YES network is a great example on how to do it.

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Creating a network involving all stakeholders in entrepreneurship education is the best way to boost this type of education at national level. The YES network is a great example on how to do it.

Livia Di Nardo 04.03.2014

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