An interdisciplinary learning path designed for 3rd year high school students, Sci-Tech is a European competition in which teams are challenged to find eco-friendly solutions to problems using the advice and support of business experts.

Purpose and process

The programme is particularly useful for students specialising in science. It is aimed at helping them to understand what are the requirements for developing and running a successful project. For example: you must have clear aims; you must be able to take on more than one role; you have to be able to fulfill all the associated duties of those roles; you also need to know you to use, store and easily locate any materials produced during the project.

The project has 4 stages:

  1. Each student has to complete a Junior Achievement questionnaire which helps them investigate what they know about energy.
  2. Next, two Exxon Mobil experts meet the students. Over 2 hours, the volounteers share their experience of work in the energy industry with the students and show them charts illustrating which energy sources are used in different
    industrialized countries. The experts divide the students into groups and each team is required to find eco-friendly solutions to a specific challenge.
  3. The third stage is a competition which runs over 2 days and takes place in Rome. Students are given a
    specific challenge to solve, with the support of experts. The aim is to come up with innovative and ecologically-friendly solutions to the challenge. 
  4. Finally, students have to deliver their project in two versions: as a concept paper and as a PowerPoint presentation which they can use when explaining their idea to a jury. The winning team moves on to participate in the European
    stage of the competition.

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Benefit from their first direct contact with the world of work and from working alongside experts in the field
  • Develop and apply their knowledge of science and ecological issues in real-world situations
  • Build communication, teamwork and presentation skills
  • Meet and work together with students from different schools and from other countries.

Curricular or thematic relevance

This programme is clearly linked to all Science subjects and may have some relevance to Geography and Citizenship.

How to organise:

Can take placed during timetabled lessons or as part of an extra-curricular club. The competition stages would most likely take place outside of lesson times.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Fully inegrated into the competition stages of the programme.

Volunteer involvement

Exxon Mobil volunteers are crucial to the success of the programme.

Additional comments

During the Sci-Tech competition, the professional atmosphere is clearly evident as is the importance of collaboration and careful organisation.

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, Junior Achievement Italy  Italy

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A great tool that addresses the educational need in europe - STEM area. I would welcome additional details about the process.

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A great tool that addresses the educational need in europe - STEM area. I would welcome additional details about the process.

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