On-the-job Training in JA Enterprise

An initiative linked to the Finnish version of pre-16 work experience known as 'On-the-Job Training'. All Finnish students aged 13-16 complete a 2-week placement in a real workplace; however, in this approach, they work in and for one of the businesses founded by young people through participation in JA-YE's 'Company Programme'.

Purpose and process

To give students a real experience of working life, its rules, roles and responsibilities, in an environment where youth-to-youth contact and collaboration is used to generate their interest in, and understanding of, entrepreneurship. The initiative generally involves placements for younger students in companies run by older students (aged 15-18) located in their own school, other local secondary schools, in further education colleges or vocational training schools. Therefore, a further goal is that the initiative can help build co-operation between different institutions and age levels.

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Come to understand the importance and needs of the public sector, the business world and organizations from the perspective of the functionality of society
  • Get to know working life and entrepreneurial activities through first-hand experience
  • Understand the importance of entrepreneurship to the individual and society. Participation in a real working life situation can teach students how to deal with changes and uncertainty, and how to act with a sense of enterprise and initiative. In addition, they can be inspired by witnessing how other young people are capable of running 'real' enterprises and of interacting with adult business volunteers.

Curricular or thematic relevance

This programme addresses the definition of entrepreneurship as a cross-curricular theme - as set out in the Finnish national curriculum.

How to organise:

Extra-curricular placements of up to 2 weeks duration

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Debriefing process post-placement; use of work experience logbook to record achievement

Volunteer involvement

Strong ongoing commitment of young people running the host companies; also, likely involvement of the business volunteers supporting each of the host companies under the JA-YE 'Company Programme' approach.

Provider country


Provider Institution:

, JA Finland  Finland

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