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world.jpgPupils learn that countries of the world rely on each other for their resource needs and wants. Through a trading game, enterprise challenge and discussions, pupils aim to simulate and understand the global challenges faced by nations. Through hands-on activities each week students explore STEM skills and the role they play in the future of the business world. Exploring how technology and communications are vital growth areas in the global marketplace, students examine entrepreneurship and develop their own business ideas.

Purpose and process

Globalisation is a word that you hear on the news every day. But what does it really mean to you and me? In this programme pupils learn that the countries of the world rely on each other for their needs and wants. Using a map of the world’s resources, a fascinating trading game and contests such as an international enterprise challenge, pupils wrestle with the decisions that countries and businesses have to make to succeed.

Activities include:

  • The world around us.
  • Long distance meal.
  • Import and export puzzle.
  • International trading game.
  • International enterprise challenge.

Learning outcomes

  • Enterprise and Financial Capability
  • Citizenship
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Geography and History
  • Design Technology and Art
  • ICT

Curricular or thematic relevance

STEM Skills. Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths.

How to organise:

This programme runs for 5*45 minutes sessions.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

There is an evaluation opportunity at the end of the fifth session of each module

Volunteer involvement

All the sessions are lead by a volunteer

Additional comments

The program is working so far in the following countries and 44 000 students participated last year.

Our-World-Jumbo-Puzzle_34581-l.jpg Estonia
 Isle of Man
 United Kingdom

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