Our Nation

Pupils are introduced to different regions and types of geography such as cities, towns, rural areas, seaside, landlocked areas, etc. In this in-depth and action packed programme, students role-play business ownership, produce a product using different methods of production, look at the costs associated with running a business, create product advertisements, and take charge of their own businesses to make a profit! It demonstrates why different types of business may establish in different regions and how government has a role as decision maker, tax collector, arbitrator and provider of services.

Purpose and process

It explains different business structures such as sole trader, co-operative, limited companies and franchises and looks at supply chains relating to different types of businesses. The module introduces the concept of marketing, brand image and advertising. It then goes on to explain how people choose and apply for a job and to identify the relevant skills and knowledge required for a particular role. Powerful forces have to work together to ensure the health of the nation. In this programme pupils get help to understand how our country tackles its problems, satisfies its needs and decides who should do what to make things work.

Learning outcomes

  • Experience free enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Identify the key factors in establishing an entrepreneurial business
  • Create an advertisement
  • Identify the three types of business organisations
  • Describe resources, particularly human and capital resources
  • Define scarcity and opportunity cost
  • Discuss technology as a capital resource in demand by most businesses
  • Identify the skills that support high-growth, high-demand needs in the workplace
  • Analyse their own skills to see how they fit in the workplace
  • Identify clusters of jobs and the background required by those jobs
  • Create a simple resume
  • Describe specialisation and competition in business
  • Experience the global needs of many businesses

Curricular or thematic relevance

  • Enterprise and Financial Capability
  • Citizenship
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Geography and History
  • Design Technology and Art
  • ICT

How to organise:

Our Nation is a series of five required sessions and one optional supplemental session recommended for students in fifth grade. Each session is 45 minutes in length. Materials are packaged in a self-contained kit that includes detailed session plans for the volunteer and materials

Activities include:

  • Exploring our nation.
  • Andy’s apples and the apple juice story.
  • The supply chain and skillset games.
  • Business and customers: where do we shop?
  • Solving problems.
  • Who’s responsible?
  • Business communication – getting the message across.

Volunteer involvement

Our Nation is delivered in the classroom by a business volunteer. It can be done in groups of different sizes. The students who take part work together through a series of fun activities.

Additional comments

Our Nation can be found so far in the following countries:

Nation.jpg Belgium
 Isle of Man
 United Kingdom

 55 000 students participated last year

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