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JA Our City introduces students to the basics of financial literacy, the characteristics of cities, and how people and businesses in cities manage their money.

Students will explore zoning found within a city; the importance of money to a city, paying taxes, and how people use different methods to pay for goods and services. They also will explore how financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and news media contribute to the financial well-being of a city.

Purpose and process

Our City is delivered in the classroom by a business volunteer. It can be done in groups of different sizes. The students who take part work together through a series of fun activities. The whole thing is backed up by a comprehensive range of support materials.

Learning outcomes

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  • Identify the zones found within a city
  • Describe the goods and services provided by businesses
  • Match local businesses to specific city zones
  • Explain the importance of money in a city, including the role of taxes
  • Understand the differences between needs and wants
  • Examine the different ways that people pay for goods and services
  • Summarize the contribution of financial institutions to a city
  • Manage a personal bank account
  • Define consumer, producer, and entrepreneur
  • Explore the role of a business owner by operating a business
  • Apply money management strategies to a business account
  • Explain the role of the news media in a city
  • Describe how news is delivered in various formats, including print, electronic, and human sources
  • Recognize the importance of the news media and technology in a community

Curricular or thematic relevance

  • Enterprise and Financial Capability
  • Citizenship
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Geography and History
  • Design Technology and Art
  • ICT

How to organise:

Delivery time is 5 to 6 hours. Activities include:

  • Planning and building a city
  • Where should we build the sports stadium?
  • Eating out and setting up a restaurant
  • Who is your customer?
  • Steps to success
  • Making headlines
  • City news

Our City is delivered in the classroom by a business volunteer. It can be done in groups of different sizes.

Volunteer involvement

Delivered in the class by a volunteer.

Additional comments

Our City can be found so far in the countries below. In the school year 2013/2014, 79 000 students participated in the program. 

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