When we are very young, enjoying stories is a great way to understand and cope with the bustling and sometimes scary adult world around us. In this programme early years student begin to learn about the world of work and take the first steps in understanding the importance of saving, earning, decision making and teamwork.Ourselves introduces young children to the economic roles of individuals. Compelling stories read by a volunteer and hands-on activities teach students about helping, working, and earning and saving money. Ourselves is a series of five activities recommended for students in kindergarten.

Purpose and process

Ourselves takes students on an engaging story based journey exploring the world of work, saving, earning, decision making and teamwork.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognize the role of self
  • Appreciate individual choices
  • Identify ways money can be used to benefit others
  • Recognize the value of work
  • Appreciate the importance of giving
  • Define money
  • Differentiate coins
  • Discover rewards other than money
  • Name something they would like to save for
  • Identify one form of money: coins
  • Recognize the importance of working together
  • Discuss the importance of saving money
  • Identify a place where people save money
  • Demonstrate how to save money

Curricular or thematic relevance

Enterprise and Financial Capability
Literacy and Numeracy
Geography and History
Design Technology and Art

How to organise:

5 to 6 hours delivery time
Delivered in the classroom by a business volunteer
Flexible group sizes and delivery options
Students work together through a series of engaging activity based sessions
Supported by comprehensive programme and support materials

Volunteer involvement

Delivered in the classroom by a business volunteer who takes the children through different stories.The stories include:

  • “Polly’s farm: that helps the young understand the importance of money.
  • “Vishnal’s garden” which focuses on co-operation and teamwork.
  • “At the hospital” introduces the skills they need for work.
  • “The school caretaker:” is a story about the importance of saving.
  • “Adventure playground” is a fun piece about working as a team.



Additional comments

This program works in all the countries below and around 40 000 pupils participate every year. 

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Czech Republic
Isle of Man
United Kingdom

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