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Based in the UK City of Hull, the Be Enterprising Group is a network of teachers and tutors representing all curriculum phases and age ranges (4 to 24 years) who have a commitment to ensuring that their educational/training establishments are enterprising institutions and are embedding the Big 13 Enterprise Skills via a range of in-house curriculum materials.

Purpose and process

The group's main aim is to develop enterprising curriculum materials that will: a) enable young people aged 4 to 24 to learn how to be enterprising; and b) address three main themes of the City Plan which relate to the establishment of over 7000 future jobs regarding Hull as a green energy city, a world class visitor destination and a city which enables families to make better use of their resources.

The group has over 150 members of which 30 regularly attend meetings. It is financed by the City Region & Policy Department of the City Council as it fully supports the creation of enterprise programmes for young people related to the economic future of the City of Hull. As a result, the group has been able to allocate £50 per school to develop financial growth in order that the group can become self financing in the future. In this way, it hopes to be able to make appropriate contributions to wider enterprise education activity relating to Big 13 Enterprise Skills across the City.

Materials produced so far include a highly successful DVD that features a range of business people being interviewed by young people. It shows how they use the Big 13 in the day-to-day running of their business and can be used in many other different ways, with some schools ensuring it becomes the cornerstone of all their activities.

Learning outcomes

The main learning outcome is that, by involving teachers in understanding the economic future of their City, they can work alongside a wide range of business supporters (mainly young entrepreneurs) to develop appropriate curriculum materials relating to the Big 13 Enterprise Skills and plans for the economic future of Hull. 

Enabling schools and training providers to become more enterprising is essential if perceptions of enterprising activities are to be changed across the region. The group also acts as a campaign group and networking system for people with similar views and strong commitment towards entrepreneurial teaching and learning.

Curricular or thematic relevance

Enterprising curriculum materials and activities inspired by the group can support any curriculum subject or combination of subjects.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Young people are encouraged to self evaluate and score their work against the Big 13 Enterprise Skills.Teachers and tutors are also used to evaluating their enterprise lessons on a regular basis and feed back the outcomes to the group.

Volunteer involvement

All teachers and tutors involved in the group volunteer their time, as do the businesses that work with them to deliver enterprise education activities relating to the aims set out above.

Additional comments

The work of the Be Enterprising Group is to be showcased at the Youth Enterprise Summit on 5th June during Business Week (for the second year running). At the same time, the 'Big 13 Enterprise Skills' DVD and the 10th Anniversary Brochure of the HYEP (Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership) will be launched by Ruth Badger of 'The Apprentice' fame.

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