It's My Business

MY BS logo.jpgAn interactive classroom programme with a strong focus on social studies, reading and writing, which is designed to help lower secondary students learn about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship .


Purpose and process

It's My Business aims to help students learn about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship from first hand experience. In particular, they are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations.

The programme uses games and activities to reinforce key business concepts, e.g. an entrepreneurial quiz game; completing a blueprint for a teen club; participating in an auction of businesses and creating entrepreneur profile cards.

6 Lessons:

  1. I am an Entrepreneur
  2. I can change the world
  3. I know my customer
  4. I have an idea
  5. I see a need
  6. Celebrate entrepreneurs!

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Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Learn to understand what entrepreneurship means and to recognise their own entrepreneurial potential
  • Research market needs
  • Appreciate the skills and knowledge needed to start a business
  • Discover how to market products to specific customers
  • Develop business plans
  • Analyse information as part of managing a business
  • Practise skills for entrepreneurship including: money management; problem-solving; decision making; teamwork; creative thinking

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Curricular or thematic relevance

Standalone enterprise activity or could be linked to Business Studies or Social Studies; focuses on the application of English (reading and writing) and Maths skills

It’s My Business is implemented in 10 countries in Europe and in 2 of them it is accredited by the Education authorities to be taught within the school curriculum

How to organise:

Series of 6 x 60 min lessons plus completion of an enterprise project - designed to run as an after school,extra-curricular activity

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Self assessment is used throughout; the enterprise project can also be used as an assessment/evaluation tool

Volunteer involvement

Involvement of a volunteer is required; business partners could also be invited to contribute their expertise.Teachers organise and facilitate the activities, liaise with the volunteer and follow up the project with the class.

Additional comments

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, JA Europe  Belgium

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Wonderful, ready- to- use programme that widely develops the entrepreneurial skills in young people. Discovering, researching, analysing during the lessons provide students with powerful experiences on how to tackle real life business situations. Also it builds up their self-esteem, enhances positive thinking and enthusiasm- valuable features for their future careers.


    Angeliki Zisi

I think that the clause no 2 "i can change the world" gives a motivation to young people to be full of passion and enthousiasme and get ready to work hard to build their own vision!

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I think that the clause no 2 "i can change the world" gives a motivation to young people to be full of passion and enthousiasme and get ready to work hard to build their own vision!

Angeliki Zisi 02.03.2014

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