Insure Your Success

An international programme designed to help young people aged 12–18 years understand the concept and value of insurance and how to foresee and prepare for the risks they may encounter in life. It is run by JA-YE Europe and is supported by local AXA Hearts in Action volunteers.

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Purpose and process

The Insure Your Success programme consists of a series of lessons aimed at helping students to gain an understanding of the advantages of protecting one’s assets and to become more familiar with the concept of insurance. It also guides them on how to anticipate the financial consequences of risks they may face during their lives and how to make informed decisions/choices in financial situations. They are involved in a range of different hands-on activities, interactive tools and discussions led by AXA Hearts In Action volunteers,

Insure Your Success consists of 4 lessons. Students aged 12-15 follow lessons 1, 2 and 3; students aged 15-18 participate in lessons 1, 3 and 4:

  1. Balancing Act
    1. Create a family budget
    2. Describe the advantages of having a planned budget
    3. List the choices a family has to make when spending and budgeting
  2. Risk-Taking
    1. Identify the ways in which people try to avoid risks
    2. Explain the benefits of insurance
    3. Identify the opportunity cost of purchasing insurance cover
  3. Risk and Insurance
    1. Identify different types of insurance and understand their importance in everyday life
    2. Understand the benefits of using insurance to cover the risks they are faced with during their lifetime
    3. Extended learning: Loan Protection
    4. Extended learning: Over insured
  4. Benefits and Risks
    1. Identify different forms of investment
    2. Understand that some forms of investment carry more risk than others
    3. Understand the role of insurance in financial decisions

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of insurance and finance shared by a practitioner  
  • Recognise the importance of taking well informed financial decisions and managing their personal finance 
  • Become familiar with career opportunities within insurance and finance 
  • Learn how to budget, plan and save

Curricular or thematic relevance

The programme focuses on personal finance education and could be either a standalone module or linked to subjects such as maths, ctizenship, personal and social education or Business.

How to organise:

Each lesson lasts approximately 45-50 minutes. The lessons can be presented once a week for 3 weeks or as a 'done-in-one-day' format (all 3 lessons at one time). Extended learning activities can be conducted either by a teacher or by an AXA volunteer in additional time.

Volunteer involvement

The support of AXA employees is vital to the success of this programme.

Additional comments

Since 2013, Insure Your Success has been available in 10 different countries.

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