Enterprise Society – a learning environment: Me & My City

Enterprise Society is a learning environment where upper primary students learn basic information about society, working life and entrepreneurship through hands-on experience of work and the workplace.

Purpose and process

The aim of the Enterprise Society project is to teach children important issues about society, working life and entrepreneurship. Each student enrolled on the project participates in a series of themed lessons at school as preparation for a 'work experience' visit to Enterprise Society itself; this houses the offices of at least 15 companies and public service bodies and each student is given his or her own job for which they receive wages. Thus, they become a consumer and a regular citizen; a part of society. The visit to Enterprise Society takes place from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on a pre-arranged date. The school is provided with a set of curriculum-related learning materials which are delivered in 10 lessons prior to the visit. These materials prepare the students by explaining key issues such as what work means, how to apply for a job and how the economy and society work. During the themed lessons, the students also learn what their role in Enterprise Society will be as employees and consumers.

Learning outcomes

Based on feedback from teachers, Enterprise Society has provided students with a powerful experience that will positively influence their future.

Students can:

  • Learn about working life and entrepreneurial activities at first hand
  • Understand why they are important both to the individual and to society
  • Gain an insight into what work means, how to apply for a job and how the economy and society work
  • Learn more about their role in society as employees and consumers.

Curricular or thematic relevance

The Finnish national curriculum defines entrepreneurship education as a cross-curricular theme and sets aims, for example, that pupils will come to understand the importance and needs of different actors from the perspective of the functionality of society. Enterprise Society can help to fulfil these aims.

How to organise:

The visit to Enterprise Society is likely to take place as an extra-curricular or suspended timetable activity with the preparation lessons occurring either during timetabled lessons or in extra-curricular time.

Volunteer involvement

The businesses and other organisations housed in Enterprise Society offer students the opportunity to work with them during their time there.

Additional comments

Additional information also from: Economic Information Office (TAT) PO Box 147 FI-00131 Helsinki, Finland and from Tomi Alakosi at

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, Economic Information Office (TAT)  Finland

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