Dragon Fire Project

A project for primary and secondary schools, run over consecutive weeks, in which teams of pupils design, make and sell a product and conduct a marketing campaign.

Purpose and process

To set pupils real challenges in which they have to generate real solutions and so acquire knowledge and skills in designing, making and selling a product or service. Sessions include:

  1. Selecting job roles, choosing the right person for the right role and working together in teams;
  2. Product design, development and costing/pricing;
  3. Production and safety;
  4. Sales and marketing;
  5. Customer service.

Although pupils can offer a service, the product has to be able to be "real" and something that they can provide or produce. The project works best when the product has a theme, for example, making something for a special occasion.

Learning outcomes

Students can:

  • Build knowledge and skills in teamwork (e.g. identifying and agreeing roles, meeting own responsibilities, supporting others to ensure deadlines are met);
  • Develop business and financial capability (costing and pricing, calculating profit ) through practical experience;
  • Design and produce innovative products/services;
  • Learn about marketing and customer service.

Curricular or thematic relevance

Can be used within and across multiple subjects. Fits with economic education, literacy and numeracy programmes

How to organise:

Students will need several weeks to complete the whole process, e.g. through a series of lessons, suspended timetable day, as exra-curricular activities.

Assessment and evaluation approaches

Evaluation is built into the process. The final session is always a reflection on what went well and not so well, what was learned, what the team did well and each individual's own performance and learning.

Volunteer involvement

Would be enhanced by involvement of a business mentor to bring in a real business perspective. Parents/carers could also be imvolved, for example, through being asked for feedback during the product design and marketing tasks, providing advice on customer service (what they look for), as customers for the product/service.

Additional comments

Workbook attached was used with a group of year 4 Primary school pupils.

Provider country

United Kingdom

Files for download:

dragonfire_workbook_rollesby.docx / 105kB

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Flegg High School

helper do TM detail body (June 6th, 1st half)

    Angeliki Zisi

I have been running a similar project in my school (A Arsakeio Lykeio Psychikou, Athens) and I realized its importance.



Sounds similar to Company Programme. Are they different in any way? Apart from the age group (I understand it's also for primary school pupils).



Can be used in english lessons (foreign language) work, as a part of vocabulary building and involving students in entrepreneurship basics....

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Can be used in english lessons (foreign language) work, as a part of vocabulary building and involving students in entrepreneurship basics....

Anders 10.06.2014

helper do TM detail right side (TM June 6th, 2nd half)

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