Vision or plan for entrepreneurship education

All subject areas in teacher education will include entrepreneurship. Cross-curricular activities are also given priority. Involved in a number of projects. Currently new projects in collaboration with other institutions are phased in. Use of social media for communication of results

Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

A Centre for Innovation was established in 2012.

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Student-centred learning is a generel approach in teacher education and is given even more priority at present.

Evaluation of entrepreneurship education and learning and by whom

Through generel evaluation procedures carried out in all areas.

Please give examples

We attempt to make evaluation and assessment innovative as well. We use evaluation games from JA-YE Denmark and of our own making.

We often use a variation of the Delphi techniques for evaluation. and for assessment we have been quite happy with pecha kucha on product, process and learning.

JA-YE Denmark:

Delphi technique, a variation: Have all students write statements: 3 plusses and 3 minusses about the process they have participated in. Send papers round in a clockwise direction. When a student receives a paper, agreement is shown by given the statement a tick. If students disagree or do not understand a statement, it should be ignored. All papers circulate the entire group until they return to the owner. The owner counts how many agree with his/her statement to give an indication of consensus about points. Read about the full use and origin of the Delphi method here:

Pecha kucha: 20 slides of pictures, each with spoken text of 20 seconds gives a total of a 6 minutes and 20 second presentation. See more here:



Additional comments

Student teachers will be involved in the testing of tools and methods, both at the college and in their own teaching during placement or trainee positions.


Has implemented the Tool/Method:

Design for ChangeFIRE-DesignPUSH

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