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“Marconi” was the first Industrial Technical State Institute in the land of Bari; it was born, in fact, on 16/10/1940. Thanks to the great skills and commitment of teachers and pupils, the school has grown over the years and has changed over time becoming , up to today, a Technological Institute (area - Mechatronics – Mechanics/ Energy / Information and Communication Technology ) and an High School of Applied Sciences , equipped with adequate facilities and laboratories . The Study Programmes it offers show the "mission" of the school : its  an institution which looks forward to the future needs, training young people to be  ready to enter the working world or to continue their training by attending Higher Education Schools or University .

The "Marconi”, from about twenty years ago , started a serious and articulate strategic planning that has led it to launch many successful and important initiatives and , at the same time to consolidate, expand, over time, a dense network of relations, collaborations, shares , partnerships with local stakeholders : Industrial Associations of Bari , and in particular in the field of  Mechanics / Mechatronics Group of Young Entrepreneurs Assindustria Bari, Province , Unioncamere , Internship Agencies , Training Agencies , Regional Directorate of Labour , Polytechnic , Universities, Public and Private entities and so on. This has allowed the school to offer its students many opportunities in terms of training, developing competences, specific and cross section skills, to be able to look at its future with greater confidence .

Particular attention has always been paid over the years to prepare for entrepreneurship, and because the school “Marconi” offers to students who enroll in the " Technology "  a diploma that will allow them once finished their studies , to start their own professional business, either because such education enables them to develop those cross-section requested more and more  from the Working Work or it represents a wealth also necessary for those who want to continue their education .

The Institute from the school year 2002/2003 has started to become interested  in “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro” (an expression that can be translated into “Training and Work Placement Project”). Our school developed the idea of putting into operation a joint work with Bosch, organizing a shared didactic and vocational project (teachers from the MarconiSchool and Bosch employees). In the same year the Marconi School started its first “Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Ministeriale” (“Ministerial Training and Work Placement Project”): since 2003 the Marconi continued actively engaging in this process of orientation carrying out other paths  “TGA” with Bosch (three in total) and other ministerial training paths (ten to today). This is possible thanks to the relationship which is direct and consolidated with many companies in the areas that welcome our students for training and transferring skills both educational and cross-section. During this period of training specific modules are developed which are basically on entrepreneurship education through direct contact with entrepreneurs and the knowledge of specific legislation.

Our School has always been involved in training and stage experiences between different students and the local companies. Remarkable attention has always been paid by the Marconi School to the needs of our local labour market, thus leading to the creation of a new vocational figure: the “Mechanic and Electronic Operator” (“Operatore Meccatronico”); in fact, in the year 2007 is formed, in Puglia, the “District of Meccatronica” (MEDIS).

An agreement was signed between the Regional School Board in Puglia and the Argentinian one to carry out the project titled “The transferring of the Best Practice: The Marconi-Bosch Training and Work Placement and the Ministerial Training”. This project was exported to Argentina because the Regional Board passed and financed the transferring of the “Best Practice”.

On the occasion of the “Festa dell’Europa” (“Celebration of Europe”), May 9, 2007, the Marconi won a regional competition by designing a course of information and education entitled “La conoscenza della cooperazione europea attraverso l’educazione e la cultura” (“knowledge of European cooperation through education and culture”) that allowed it to host an ambassadress of the European Union, representing EuropeAid.

In 2008 a teacher at “Marconi” coordinates at regional level , the project JA "Impresa in azione (Company program)" and “Marconi” hosts  the regional final . In 2011, “Marconi” participates to the project "We Students" youth entrepreneurship promoted by  UNISCO, non-profit organization that develops and disseminates best practices in the social, economic and cultural sectors.

In the school year 2011/2012,  "G. Marconi " study progamme is increasingly articulated in order to adequately meet the needs and interests of students , that emerged through the monitoring and evaluation of educational and observation of society and territory. Taking advantage of the National Operational Programmes , financial instruments managed by the European Commission that would allow all the schools in the Convergence Objective regions (Campania , Calabria, Sicily and Puglia), the Marconi expands its training experimenting with new teaching approaches : nine students , young graduates of the Institute Marconi and three students of the night class , participate to a project PON Skills Development " Technical internship in the sector of  Mechatronics and Mechanics, an internship of two months held in companies in the sector of mechanics - mechatronics in Rimini ( Emilia Romagna).

The Institute's commitment to its students continues even after graduation involving them in projects , workshops and training courses such as the ones of the Higher Education Vocational Training of the Istituto Tecnico Superiore " Antonio Cuccovillo " of which the Marconi Institute is a school leader , which allows specialization by providing the tools for the knowledge of competences and skills at higher levels.

The participation of students in the various projects that regard business is assessed by the teachers of the class council to consider not only the personal growth of the student but also the ability to implement cross-sector competences acquired in other teaching situations .

If the experience programmed also includes the specific disciplines (such as using the Dual System- school and work) the teachers will include the specific knowledge and skills acquired during the training of the student in the final assessment.

Finally, it is clear that the interest of  Marconi towards entrepreneurship education is increasingly grown over the years involving more and more teachers, that referring to the instrumental functions try to stimulate the desire to open an own enterprise and the creativity of the students, supporting their ideas that could lead to the creation of youth micro-enterprises .


Resources to encourage and support entrepreneurship education

Thanks to a municipal notice on a young entrepreneurship and start up that our students took part in, our school won € 20.000 to finance the project "My Future on a Bike"

Focus on student centred learning, integration in different subjects

Our school focuses on the "learning by doing" approach extended to all students and involves external partners like UNISCO which is a local no profit organization focusing on the development of entrepreneurial skills and Junior Achievement Italy


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