Impact of Entrepreneurship Education in Denmark 2014


Impact of Entrepreneurship Education in Denmark 2014: Danish Foundation for Entrepreneruship Education


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The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship carries out continuous measurements of the impact of entrepreneurship education, among others as part of a large research project that investigates the immediate and longer-term effects of the education by means of questionnaire surveys and quantitative analyses.

The latest published report presents the results of their assessment studies which focus on the effects of different educational approaches, that is education about, through and for entrepreneurship at secondary and tertiary level of education. The analyses are based on longitudinal data that they have been collecting since 2011. In addition to these analyses the report includes three chapters by external researchers who have performed analyses on related issues.

The main findings of the report are the following:

1) Education about, through and for entrepreneurship has very different effects

2) The way in which the educational approaches are taught and the teaching style which the teacher uses are both very important factors

3) Educational interventions in entrepreneurship at an early educational level influence the pupils more than if these interventions come at later educational levels

4) Parents’ influence on their children’s entrepreneurial attitudes are determined to a larger extent by social factors (nurture) than by biological factors (nature)

5) Entrepreneurship has become a youth phenomenon.

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Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship


Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

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Impact, entrepreneurship education, immediate effects, longer-term effects.

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