UK Company Programme 2013-14 Evaluation Report


UK Company Programme 2013-14 Evaluation Report - 2014: Young Enterprise


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This report outlines the research design implemented in 2013 for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the Company Programme in UK.  It demonstrates the positive impact of the Company Programme on young people’s employability competencies, attitudes and career aspirations. Data shows statistically significant key skills development, particularly in communication, problem solving and resilience:

  • 21,492 young people and 1,215 companies
  • 92% of young people felt they had developed at least one of the 8 employability competencies tested
  • 88% of young people felt the programme helped them learn about their strengths and weaknesses
  • 94% of teachers agree that participating in the Company Programme increased participants’ self-awareness of their capabilities and potential, and that the programme raised awareness of young people’s personal strengths and weaknesses




Young Enterprise


Young Enterprise

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Research Report

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Key words

Company Programme, evaluation, impact of entrepreneurship education

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