Macedonian Entrepreneurial Learning strategy

The strategy have five main pillars (Primary education; Secondary education; Higher Education; Informal and non-formal education; Young entrepreneurs), while technology and good practices are the drivers of the strategy that will increase overall EL awareness and will results in reforms and continuous teachers' (service providers) development.

Short Description

In late 2012 the Ministry of Education and Science (MoES) expressed an interest to cooperate with the European Training Foundation (ETF) to develop the first EL strategy for the country. ETF provided guidance, shared knowledge and good practice, technical expertise and quality assurance throughout the strategy build-up process. In December 2012 ETF supported the organization of a first workshop. Four main workshops were conducted and the participants actively participated in the creation of this strategy. All main stakeholders were included - representatives from leading state institutions (MoES, Ministry of economy, Ministry of labour, State Agencies, etc.), chambers of commerce, employers organizations, schools, universities, Biro for Development in Education, Centre for Adult Education, VET Centre, young entrepreneurs, ETF, donor representatives, municipalities, etc.

Draft version of the strategy was presented in December 2013 in front of the Inter-Agency board that was body responsible for finalisation, implementation and monitoring of the strategy. Head of the Board is the State secretary in the MoES, while all main stakeholders are members in the board. The strategy with the action plan was adopted in November 2014.



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National strategy

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National strategy

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