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JA Education Pathway - 2015: JA Europe.


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“Every young person should have a practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving compulsory education.”European Commission, Entrepreneurship 2020.

The JA Education Pathway is a document explaining how JA Europe programmes and activities cover all levels of education, ensuring progression in entrepreneurship education from primary school to higher education.  The document explains JA Europe's vision about how a young person’s entrepreneurial learning journey can be gradual, with new experiences reinforcing previous learning and challenging them on to the next stage of development from kindergarten to university.

It is about bringing together knowledge, skills, competences and practical training needed in the community and in working life.  Students DISCOVER, EXPLORE, EXPERIMENT, DARE and PERSIST, all depending on their age and maturity.

JA Educational Pathway is a guide for how to implement entrepreneurship education and to ensure progression from primary school to higher education.




JA Europe


JA Europe

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Policy document

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Entrepreneurship education, progression model, students experience, school levels.

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