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Alakylän koulu and entrepreneurial learning in school plans

The School Development Plan reflects Entrepreneurial Learning in the following references:

  1. Our aim is to guide the students to handle the basic information of curriculum learning goals, to be active and have new ideas above the old ones.
  2. It is also important that teachers in the school interact well together; teachers need to share a common vision about their core job - which is SUPPORTING THE LEARNING PROCESS.
  3. The school needs to develop itself as a whole through ensuring that all its actions are performed at satisfactory level and that the best areas are developed to an even higher level; this can help to give the school its character and a kind of market value in the minds of the whole community.
Alakylän koulu; celebrating good practice

We have gathered examples of good practice among our municipality schools into a written document. It contains entrepreneurial practices with all classes from the 1st to the 9th study year.

The written document is also shared on our intranet. Every school has their own teacher who is responsible for explaining these practices to new teachers, and the headmasters have to lead this process in their schools.

Alakylän koulu; Definition of Entrepreneurial Learning

The most important thing in Entrepreneurial Learning is to develop the students' intrapreneurship. A teacher needs to know their students very well, their capabilities in the learning process and their different personalities.

A teacher also needs to use such pedagogic tools that enable students to play an active role in their learning and to use their creativity. Students need to be allowed to take risks and should receive realistic and supportive feedback from their assignments. Developing good interaction skills is also a very important goal in this process.

Alakylän koulu; introducing entrepreneurial learning to students
Before all new entrepreneurial learning projects, students are informed about the theme and topic. They can also include their own ideas and goals into the theme. New learning projects are always based on previous knowledge and teachers are encouraged to show the students why they need to get involved, i.e. what are the ´real life´ meaning and benefits of participating.
Alakylän koulu; time in the curriculum
In our school we have a Students' Parliament which runs many activities during the school year; for example, it organizes concerts, thematic activities, sport activities, sells school clothes and so on.
Kotkansaari School; cooperation with partners outside school

Cursor'( Southern Finland Entrepreneurship) is a very enthusiastic organisation which helps to educate teachers and to arrange classes to entrepreneurship events. They help in any way, such as money for buses, to teacher education events, 'entrepreneurtreffs'.

Their website is: and can also be accessed in English.

Kotkansaari School; entrepreneurial learning in school plans

The School Development Plan includes the following references to Entrepreneurial Learning:

  1. 'Entrepreneur Day' (once per year): Company representatives come to our school and tell students about their businesses which are normally small enterprises.
  2. 'On Your Way to Your Own Home': A one week project.
  3. 'Entrepreneurial Path': Pupils of years 7-15, including special students, all have individual 'year' enterprise packages. This takes place once per year and all groups can include pupils of all ages.
Kotkansaari School; time in the curriculum

We have a programme called 'Path' in which all school students (years 7-15) are involved and work in mixed-age groups. All groups visit small business companies and students prepare a series of questions beforehand that they would like to ask the entrepreneurs.

Lauritsala Upper Secondary School; celebrating good practice

Local press, website and Facebook are used to share the information about our enterprise projects.

Lauritsala Upper Secondary School; cooperation with partners outside school

Students write about the Theme Days we hold and send their descriptions to the local newspaper; we inform parents about almost all we do through WILMA (a computer programme used for marking absent students, homework, tests, grades etc.). Facebook and schools website are also used.

In some projects there has been for example kindergarten, other Upper secondary schools, local enterprises, local organisations, international partners as Comenius schools.

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