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Action Plan for Entrepreneurship in Education and Training from compulsory school to higher education 2009- 2014 - 2014: Ministry of Education and Research - Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development - Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Blended Learning in Practice: Introduction to Case Studies from Leading Schools - 2012: Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


CECI - Culture of Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation - 2015: Carmen Sotelino & Thomas Binderup.


CEI 10 - CEI 34 - CEI Entrepreneurship Education Activities Audit - 2014: University of Warwick, Centre for Education and Industry (CEI).


Financial education - Renewing efforts - 2013: Tonio Borg, Member of the European Commission, responsible for Health and Consumer Policy.


Connected generation. Perspectives from tomorrow’s leaders in a digital world. Insights from the 2012 IBM Global Student Study - 2012: IBM Institute for Business Value



Developing key competences at school in Europe: challenges and opportunities for policy- 2012: European Commission - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency - Eurydice.


Does entrepreneurship begin in the classroom?  - 2014: Caroline Jenner, World Economic Forum Blog.


Doing business in the digital age: the impact of new ICT developments in the global business landscape. Europe’s vision and action plan to foster digital entrepreneurship - 2013: Deloitte for European Commission - Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, Brussels.


DOS & DON'TS for “Policies, Strategies & Networks” for Entrepreneurship Education and the World of Work - 2010: Entrepreneurship Education and the World of Work (EE&WOW) - Comenius Network .


DOS & DON'TS for Entrepreneurial Spirit & Career Management Skills and Transition within Entrepreneurship Education  - 2010: Entrepreneurship Education and the World of Work (EE&WOW) - Comenius Network .


Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs. Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century - 2009: World Economic Forum, Switzerland.


Enhancing Europe’s Competitiveness. Fostering Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship in Europe - 2014: World Economic Forum.


Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan. Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe - 2013: European Commission, Brussels.

Entrepreneurship Education in Basic and Upper Secondary Education - Measurement and Empirical Evidence - 2014: Ruskovaara, Elena – Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto, Kauppakorkeakoulu / Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT School of Business.

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